About us





About us:


Timst company was founded 1991. It is licensed for designing and manufacturing stoves and fireplaces. The production plant and headquarters are located in Industrial Zone Struga. Within the factory is showroom I. Showroom II is located in Skopje on Bul. Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov 64A.

Timst has 20 employees. Highly qualified staff and professional designers are at your disposal, to combine your wishes within the technical possibilities.

We use cutting edge technology for metal processing to get as close to your needs as possible, while at the same time taking care of your safety. All used materials are certified. The insulating materials we install are exclusively with certificate and class A1 (CE- and A1-certified, 100% non-combustible material). We use an internal coating in the fireplaces – vermiculite (material that resists 1100 0C, immediately reflects the heat to the outside, is easy to maintain and replaces).

We offer fast service from offer to realization and delivery of standard models or custom models. We respond to customer requests in both showrooms with:

  • Going to the sites and taking measures,
  • Proposed solution and 3D presentation,
  • Written offer.


We have spare parts at anytime. We offer service and maintenance for the whole territory of Republic of Macedonia.

TIMST’s mission is: to heat the homes and hearts of our customers.

TIMST’s vision is by constantly investing in the company’s development and innovations we strive to become leading company for designing and producing fireplaces and stoves in the region.


Team Struga:


Spase Shikoski

General manager

Ivan Trifunoski

Mechanical engineer

Mirjana Trajkovska Sikoska

Executive director

Borce Grozdoski


Blaguna Cakareska



Team Skopje:


Joana Shikoska

Marketing and Sale

Zoran Pavleski


Maja Zafirovska